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Natural Remedies to Ease your Ailments, headache relief, skin healing blend, pain relief salve

Natural headache relief

Calming Headache Relief Roll-On Ointment

Simply roll on your temples or the back of you neck for instant aromatherapy headache relief.

Natural headache relief

Ultimate Healing Blend Roll-On Ointment

The best achievable or imaginable natural skin ointment of its kind. Roll-on to heal bug bites, cuts, poison ivy, & skin blemishes. 

Natural headache relief

Simply Lavender Roll-On Ointment

Simply roll on your temples, back of your neck or temples for as a refreshing lavender scent. True lavender not an artificial scent.

Choose from many Lavender Products made on the farm by Peaceful Acres

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Gift Ideas for Women

Soothing night time relaxing solutions which lead to a more peaceful, restful night of sleep. 

All natural single candles & wedding favor candles available in any assortment & style glass.

Candles & Wedding Favors

Handmade all natural soy candle with 100% Pure Essential Oil, cotton covered hemp wick, very clean natural burn!

All natural lavender soaps & all seven chakra balancing essentials oil soap blends to balance the chakras.

All Natural Soaps

Soap is an important part of our lives & is used on our skin day to day. Homemade soap is the most natural soap form & makes the best moisturising bar soap the old fashion way.

Gifts for her will bring you closer in love!

Bath, Body & Healing

Natural aromatherapy remedies, healing balm, baby balm, ointment relief & lavender hand sanitizer keep your hands soft.